Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Digital Futures

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Inspiring visions and policy ideas far beyond Europe 2020 - Capture new trends, discover early signals, anticipate technology developments for broader societal benefits.
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Observe, engage, create, be inspired, debate, compare, vote, develop and share your vision of the future!

This is Digital Futures, a foresight project tapping into the collective wisdom and creativity of stakeholders to co-develop long term visions (futures) and policy ideas for beyond the Digital Agenda and Europe 2020.

Digital Futures draws inspiration from the long term advances at the intersection between ICT and society, economy, environment, politics, humanities and other key enabling technologies and sciences.

The project is supported by Futurium, an online platform combining the informal character of social networks with the methodological approach of foresights to engage stakeholders in the co-creation of the futures that they want.

More information on the Futurium model.