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The Community of Practice Better Self- and Co-regulation

There is growing evidence that social and corporate responsibility can only be effective and efficient if they respect basic design principles. This calls for a new culture of relationships between interested stakeholders. The Community of Practice (CoP) is a place where they can exchange ideas and best practices.
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Policy makers, civil society and businesses have to face the challenges brought by new technologies and hyper-connectivity. Self- and Co-regulation actions are one element of the policy toolbox to address them. The Community of Practice aims to better inform that case-by-case choice by understanding what makes any given effort of SR/CR effective. It brings together practitioners and would-be practitioners to learn from the different mixes that work in different countries.


The “Principles for better self- and co-regulation”, prepared following a public consultation in 2012, reflect current good practices and offer a benchmark for effective SR/CR actions. They will help ensure that self- and co-regulation exercises achieve their intended societal, environmental and governance goals, while helping those involved to establish necessary respect and credibility.

What for?

The CoP’s objectives are to:

  • promote experience and improve the "Principles"
  • support capacity-building in the use of the "Principles"
  • develop a culture of better self- and co-regulation

To support these objectives, all concerned stakeholders are invited to join the CoP, share information about relevant activities, enrich the evidence base, contribute with comments on the documents, or launch debates in the discussions space. The CoP works both through plenary meetings, supported by this online platform.

The CoP is fully integrated in the ICT4Society platform. While the CoP focusses on SR/CR and is open to all sectors, ICT4Society is dedicated to the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the ICT-Internet sector. There are synergies and complementarity between both initiatives.

Join the CoP

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