Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

24. The Digital Agenda for local and regional development

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Room F (Autoworld, 1st floor), 17/06/2011 (09.30-13.00)

This workshop will follow up on a 'Going REALLY Local' event in April providing a clear perspective on the regional and local aspects of the Digital Agenda and how the Commission can support regional development.

Localities and regions will also be in a position to report on their first steps in peer to peer mentoring to help one another in applying ICT solutions on the ground to address efficiency imperatives in these times of austerity while also enabling broader prosperity and service provision initiatives.

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An online collaboration space exists for this workshop at


See draft presentations below as they arrive

9.30 Five Regions, Four Stories: What can a 'Digital Agenda' do for me?

  • Friesland
  • Helsinki
  • Catalonia
  • Flanders
  • Manchester

Chair: M Markkula, Committee of the Regions

10.15 "Really" Local: The three projects you supported on

  • Schoolville
  • Everybody has a Story

Chair: V Sumner - Local2020 Animator

11.00 Four Working Groups, Four Mentors, Four themes: One Goal – your Local Digital Agenda*

  • Enhancing Accessibility, use and quality of ICTs: Friesland
  • Promoting Innovation and Smart Specialisation: Helsinki
  • Removing Obstacles to the growth of SMEs: Catlunia
  • Supporting the shift to a Low Carbon, resilient economy: Manchester

Coffee Served During these Breakouts

Quick report from four groups to the re-assembled workshop

Animation: Jan Webster, G Cattaneo, Province Friesland

12.15 Sharing

  • Using the Commission as a Public Service Provider : Birmingham
  • Dutch Digital Cities,
  • Derby franchise model of BB rollout
  • Valencia, our story
  • Contributions from the floor etc.

Short contributions on new ideas

Chair: European Commission

12.45 Conclude

  • Wrap-up Next Steps
  • Based on recommendations from groups
  • The Art of the possible
  • Desiderata

Summary by Rapporteur: Slide to be presented in plenary

Chair: Rapporteur G Cattaneo

13.00 End

Workshop links and documents

Workshop results

Session organiser: John DOYLE (EC INFSO, Belgium)

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