Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

19. Future digital economy: a chance for competitive and innovative European entrepreneurs and organisations

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Room G (Autoworld, ground floor), 17/06/2011 (09:30-13:00)

This workshop will explore the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the European digital entrepreneurs and SMEs as regards access to financing (notably Venture Capital) and development of European cooperation platforms.

To allow entrepreneurs to grow into European dimension and get in touch with investors, regulators and other possible partners, Europe needs to create systems to strengthen the competitive position of EU companies and boost entrepreneurship.

Within the context of Digital Agenda action 54 and action 55 and the Digital Agenda "Big Idea" on digital entrepreneurs, this session will build a common understanding between public and private actors about how to define an efficient framework for financing as well as for solid cooperation between entrepreneurs, all industry sectors, financing providers and policy makers.


9.30-11.00 Roundtable discussion: Actions to strengthen the competitive position of EU companies and boost entrepreneurship on the Web.


Detlef ECKERT, Director at Information Society and Media DG, European Commission


  • Diogo VASCONCELO- Director of CISCO venture capital fund
  • Javier PEREZ - ZED (online gaming) - CEO
  • Emmanuel CARRAUD - BIG IDEA Entrepreneur leader - CEO
  • Roger Casas-Alatriste - web entrepreneur
  • Carlos OLIVEIRA - Pathena (venture capital fund) - partner
  • Jorge MAROTO - TactilApp (young entrepreneur developing Apple store apps) - CEO
  • Jason TROST - Smarkets (online gambling) - CEO

11.00-12.30: brainstorming breakout sessions related to the topics that are being decided at the forum ( OPEN WEB BRAINSTORMING. What are the most urgent actions to strengthen the competitiveness of EU economy on the Web?). You can go there and propose or vote the topic to discuss in these breakout session. The main target each session is to structuring a coalition for action and define concrete next steps as follow up of the workshop.

12.30-13.00 Coalitions for actions and next steps. Rapporteurs of the sessions report on the conclusions, outline the members of the coalition for action relation to that topic and summarise the next steps of the coalition to advance on that topic.

This workshop will be shaped by the participants themselves through web tools ahead of the physical meeting. To this aim two web facilities have been created to allow the participants to the workshop to define the topics to be discussed at the breakout brainstorming sessions and to allow participants to contact and share experiences with one another .

We hope this mixed of digital and physical platforms will catalyse the creation of coalitions for action.


Coalitions for actions for each of the topics discussed at the breakout sessions to advance in that topic.


There were 9 breakout sessions. Each session prepared a presentation with the concrete actions to make progress (find the presentations in the section below):

  • 1. Session 1: Fragmentation – Single Market; moderator: Carlos Ripoll Soler
  • 2. Session 2: Digital entrepreneurs; moderator: Emmanuel Carraud
  • 3. Session 3: Innovation policy; moderator: Frank Gielen
  • 4. Session 4: Social venture capital fund; moderator: Roman Tolic
  • 5. Session 5: SMEs – Single Market; moderator: Roger Casas-Alatriste
  • 6. Session 6: Open Internet; moderator: Martin Bryant
  • 7. Session 7: Cooperation Platforms to enhance entrepreneurial culture; moderator: Florian Hadler
  • 8. Session 8: Standardisation; moderator: Hansjörg Schmidt

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Workshop results

Session organiser: Isidro LASO BALLESTEROS (European Commission, Information Society and Media, Belgium)

Chair: Detlef ECKERT (European Commission, DG Information Society and Media -C, Belgium)

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