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12. Towards Smart Mobility: Increasing the speed of Intelligent Transport Systems take-up in Europe

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Room I (Bordiau Hall, ground floor), 16/06/2011 (10:00-13:30)

The workshop participants will debate the impact of the ongoing measures for increasing the speed of take-up of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in introducing Smart Mobility (Green, Intelligent and Safe Mobility) in Europe, and in particular road (passengers and goods) transport and smart urban mobility. These measures build on the ITS Action Plan and on Directive 2010/40/EU which constitute the framework in support of the coordinated and coherent deployment and use of ITS within the Union.

The workshop will focus on three crucial topics in ITS deployment, namely:

(a) Building traffic & travel information services for multimodal transport of people and goods,

(b) Towards deployment of the pan-European e-Call, and

(c) The Role of Field Operational Tests (FOTs) in deploying Cooperative Systems.

The objective of the workshop is to assess the current progress in the deployment of ICT in the mobility and transport area and produce clear conclusions and commitment from stakeholders on the required further measures and priority actions for accelerating the transformation towards Smart Mobility. Workshop participants will have the chance to provide their views and debate ideas and policies, identifying the necessary commitment by the whole ICT for Transport sector for delivering on DAE Action 92. The resulting common understanding will include agreement on a set of DAE stakeholders' recommendations on measures to increase the speed of take-up of ITS for achieving Smart Mobility.



Chairman Fotis Karamitsos opens the workshop with an overview of the transport related DAE Actions 92, 93, 94, 95 and 96


Moderator Kevin Borras introduces speakers and panellists


Gzim Ocakoglu and Isabelle Vandoorne present progress on DAE Actions 92 and 95


Session 1 - Building travel and traffic information services for multimodal transport of people and goods

Speakers: Alexander Froetscher, Paolo Paganelli

Panellists: Ben Thancanamootoo & Federico Fernandez


Session 2 - Towards deployment of the pan-European eCall

Speakers: Emilio Davila Gonzalez, Robindhra Mangtani, Monica Schettino

Panellists: Cristina Lumbreras, Harry Evers


Coffee Break & Networking


Session 3 - The role of Field Operational Tests (FOTs) in deploying Cooperative Systems

Speakers: Matthias Schulze, Miguel Seisdedos, Maxime Flament

Panellist: Ronald Adams


Conclusions. Moderator goes through the recommendations of the workshop for the approval of all participants.

Workshop links and documents

Workshop results

Session organiser: Stefanos GOUVRAS (European Commission, Directorate-General for the Information Society and Media, Belgium)

Chair: Fotis KARAMITSOS (European Commission, DG MOVE.C, Belgium)

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