Digital Agenda for Europe
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11. Greening ICT

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Room J (Bordiau Hall, ground floor), 16/06/2011 (10:00-13:30)

Workshop Description

The aim is to forge consensus among industry stakeholders on the adoption of a common methodological framework for capturing the energy intensity and carbon emissions of ICT.

The workshop will take stock from the progress made under the main existing methodology-development initiatives in Europe and globally (international standardisation organizations, ICT4EE Forum, privately-led initiatives, third-countries...).

The workshop will explore piloting opportunities offered by the Commission to road-test the methodologies fulfilling the criteria set in the Commission Recommendation C(2009) 7604, and Key Action 69 of the Digital Agenda.


Introductory Keynote -State of Play

  • EC Expert Group on ICT4EE: Kevin Houston

Environmental Footprint of Products and Companies – The broader European Commission Framework

Objective: Present the industry-wide methodological framework developed by the JRC to measure the environmental footprint of products and organizations. Present the cooperation with DG INFSO to ensure the coherence between the industry-wide and the ICT-specific approach.

  • Michele Galatola, Policy Officer, DG Environment

International Standardisation efforts

Objective: Provide an overview of international standardisation efforts in the field and show the cooperation to make a coherent and compatible set of methodologies covering energy consumption and GHG emissions for the entire ICT sector, its global operations and LCA of its products and services.

  • Cristina Bueti, Programme Coordinator, ITU-T Study Group 5 Question 18/5 on Methodology of Environmental Impact Assessment of ICT
  • Osamu Namikawa, IEC Technical Committee 111, Environmental Standardization for Electrical and Electronic Products and Systems
  • Beniamino Gorini, chairman ETSI Technical Committee Environmental Engineering

Linking ICT efforts and industry-wide initiatives

  • Andie Stephens, GeSI/WBCSD/Carbon Trust initiative on the ICT specific guidance for the GHG Protocol

Delivering a methodological framework for the ICT sector

Objective: Present the plans of the ICT4EE Forum to integrate the various international standardisation efforts and related initiatives into a coherent methodological framework to measure the energy consumption and GHG emissions of the ICT sector.

  • Takuya Fukumoto, ICT4EE Forum


Objective: Provide the opportunity to the audience to address questions to the speakers and the session chair to draw some conclusions.

  • Moderator: EC Expert Group on ICT4EE: Simon Forge

The European Commission Plans to pilot methodologies

Objective: Official launch of the call for pilots. Expectations from the EC. Timings, expected results.

  • Colette Maloney, Head of Unit, ICT for Sustainable Growth, DG INFSO


Objective: Provide the opportunity to the audience to address questions to the speakers, enable companies to present and discuss their intention to participate to the pilots and the content of what they would test out.

  • Moderators: EC Expert Group on ICT4EE: Kevin Houston and Simon Forge

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Workshop results

Session organiser: Pierre CHASTANET (European Commission - DG INFSO, ICT for Sustainable Growth, Belgium)

Chair: Kevin HOUSTON (Carbon Masters, United Kingdom), Simon FORGE (SCF Associates Ltd, United Kingdom)

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