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07. Social networks, a driver for economic and political change?

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Room G (Autoworld, ground floor), 16/06/2011 (10:00-13:30)

Social networks are dramatically transforming economic and policy landscape, e.g. Arab uprising, zero email companies, crowd sourcing of innovation, emergency and crisis response. Contrary to common thinking, there are many very successful European Social Networks supporting cultural diversity very close to citizens (representing 200 Million registered users). Social networks are strategic platforms to increase competitiveness of all sectors for Europe.

In the context of Digital Agenda Action 54, this session will discuss concrete actions for a comprehensive strategy cutting across research, innovation, education and regulation for the scaling of a social networks industry in Europe.

What are the most important actions to scale up EU Social Networks? To discuss it, we have set up a dedicated space. These action will be further discussed at the session. Please, suggest the most urgent actions on: Concrete actions to scale up EU Social Networks.

If you also want to talk to another participants to this session, please do it at the XING group: Social networks group in Xing.

You might be also interested in knowing the web site of a group of EU Social networks at: This group sent a joint position paper on the issue of Data Protection that might be also of your interest: Personal Data Protection position Paper.


10.00-10.20: Key note speech by Ms. Marietje SCHAAKE - Member of the European Parliament (MEP)

10.20-11.30: Roundtable discussion: Panellists will be asked about the benefits of social networks for Europe's society and about concrete actions for a comprehensive strategy cutting across research, innovation, education and regulation for the scaling up of a social networks industry in Europe.


Megan RICHARDS, Director at Information Society and Media DG, European Commission


  • Marietje SCHAAKE – MEP
  • Farid HAERINEJAD - Radio Zamaneh in Amsterdam - editor -in-chief
  • Felicia MARGINEANU - she organized gatherings of protest in central Stockholm in late September 2010
  • Heather BLANCHARD - CrisisCommons - co-founder
  • Lorenz BOGAERT – NETLOG (Social networks) – CEO
  • Zaryn DENTZEL – TUENTI (Spain Social Network) - CEO
  • Emanuil MANOLOV – VBOX7 (Bulgaria Social Network) – CEO

11.30-13.00: split into brainstorming groups related to the topics that are being decide at the forum (Concrete actions to scale up EU Social Networks). You can go there and propose or vote the topic to discuss in these brainstorming groups. Each brainstorming group will have a concrete list of tasks to complete

13.00-13.30 Coalitions for actions and next steps. Rapporteurs of the brainstorming groups report on the conclusions, outline the members of the coalition for action relation to that topic and summarise the next steps of the coalition to advance on that topic.


There were 9 breakout sessions. Each session prepared a presentation with the concrete actions to make progress (find the presentations in the section below):

  • 1. Societal Challenge – SN providers responsibilities; moderator: Raegan Macdonald
  • 2. Social networks for increased innovation; moderator: Cyrus Farivar
  • 3. Formal and non-formal education on Social Networks; moderator: Tobias Martens
  • 4. Societal challenge – SNs for policy making ; moderator: Carlos Ripoll Soler
  • 5. Single Market - Free Flow of data; moderator: Kimon Zorbas
  • 6. Session 6: Big data – harvesting the power of SN’s big data; moderator: Marcin Chruszczynski
  • 7. Innovation process - Grass roots collaboration platforms; moderator: Thom Townsend
  • 8. Societal challenges – SNs for competitiveness; moderator: Martin Bryant
  • 9. Harmonization of European Regulations and Enforcement of EU Laws for non-EU companies; moderator: Martha Köhnke

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Session organiser: Isidro LASO BALLESTEROS (European Commission, Information Society and Media, Belgium)

Chair: Marietje SCHAAKE (European Parliament, ALDE, Netherlands), Margaret Megan RICHARDS (European Commission, Converged Networks & Services, Belgium)

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