Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

06. Partnership-based ICT research and innovation

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Room F (Autoworld, 1st floor), 16/06/2011 (10:00-13:30)

The discussion of the next research and innovation framework programme comes at a critical juncture. Europe needs growth, and the growth needs to be smart.

In terms of ICT Research and Innovation the Digital Agenda for Europe has identified the need to reinforce the coordination and pooling of resources with Member States and industry, and to put greater focus on demand- and user-driven partnerships in EU support to ICT research and innovation. It is in this context that the workshop will explore options to further develop both industry-led and society-driven partnerships for research and innovation in the ICT field.

The first part of the workshop will see presentations from key representatives of different viewpoints – EU policy, national policy, small and large industry, and academia – following by questions & answers / comments from the audience.

The second part will kick-off with a presentation from Prof. Luciano Floridi (Professor in Philosophy of Information, University of Hertfordshire), followed by a reaction from the panelists and discussion with the audience.

Part I of workshop (10:00 to 11:30)

  • Introduction from moderator (Z. Stancic, Deputy Director General of DG INFSO, European Commission)
  • Presentations from key representatives of different viewpoints – EU policy, national policy, SMES, large industry, and academia (5 minutes per presentation)
  • Questions & answers / comments from the audience

(11:30-12:00 - Coffee break)

Part II of workshop (12:00 to 13:30)

  • Presentation from Prof. L. Floridi, Research Chair in philosophy of information, Department of Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • 2 minutes reaction from each panel member to Prof. Floridi's presentation
  • Questions & answers / comments from the audience

Workshop links and documents

Workshop results

Session organiser: Eoghan O'NEILL (European Commission, DG Information Society, Belgium)

Chair: Zoran STANČIČ (European Commission, Belgium)

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