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Best Practice – Broadband Backhaul Network Development Hungary

Based on the 5 year Digital Renewal Action Plan (2010-2014), and a detailed broadband development concept in November 2011, the Hungarian Ministry of National Development published a draft call for projects to finance broadband backhaul network developments.
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Basic information


Broadband backhaul network development


Whole country except Budapest region.

Map of regions which are affected by development

Map of the regions which are affected by the development; map provided by the member states

Duration of the project

2 years

Number of households supplied

750.000 households


Optical fibre construction


8 to 30 Mbps

Building up Organisation

  • Project description by the Hungarian Ministry of National Development
  • Project management by the Hungarian National Development Agency
  • Project monitoring by Hungarian Economic Development Centre
  • Network planning has been completed by service providers

Service provider

All internet service providers that have applied

Total Costs

90 Mio EUR


  • EU structural funds

Average price of standard service

Services will be offered after finalizing the access project.

Background information


In those areas where demand is not that high the development will help to increase the usage of ICT skills.


The project is aiming to decrease/ eliminate the digital divide in white and grey areas of the Hungarian territory.


The added value of the project is to give broadband PoP available for those areas where optical connection is present.

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Last updated on 02/05/2014