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Best Practice — Vodafone and ESB cooperation on Fibre Broadband Network (Ireland)

Vodafone has entered into exclusive negotiations with the ESB for the rollout of a new 400 Mio EUR fibre broadband network to 450.000 Irish homes and businesses.
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General information



Source:  Google maps

Number of households supplied

450.000 Irish homes and businesses


Fibre Network (Bringing electricity lines being used to deliver fibre broadband)


Next Generation Access

Building up Organization

Forming a Joint Venture Company between ESB utility company and Vodafone telecom

Service provider


Total Costs

Estimated costs are approximately 400 Mio EUR

Background information

Unique characteristic

The possibility to use the existing infrastructure to deploy fibre network. A joint cooperation of Vodafone and ESB as a utility company.

Current stage of the project

  • The Government is currently moving legislation through the Oireachtas which will allow the ESB to use its infrastructure for the delivery of fibre broadband.
  • It is planned that with the first section of the project 1.300 km of fibre network can be extended.


The core activity of the project will be the deployment of fibre-to-the-building to individual homes or premises in Ireland (in selected urban areas) using the ESB electricity overhead and underground infrastructure.


  • The new network is likely to offer competition to Eircom and UPC. Eircom is currently extending its fibre-connected network to 1.4 Mio premises around the country. UPC, which only serves cities and large towns, is currently limited to 700.000 premises.
  • Phase 1 is expected to focus on urban and semi-urban conurbations outside of Dublin city. It is anticipated that in the deployment of the network, this electricity infrastructure will be utilised where and to the extent it is practical to do so.

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Last updated on 02/05/2014