Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

08. Mainstreaming e-Learning in education and training

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Room K (Bordiau Hall, ground floor), 16/06/2011 (10.00-13.30)

The purpose of the workshop is to mobilise key stakeholders and Member States' representatives to support the mainstreaming of e-Learning in national policies as an agent for modernization of education, for all subjects and skills. The workshop will discuss the current situation of ICT for education and training in Member States, the potential obstacles to full scale adoption of eLearning, and the necessary pre-conditions to mainstreaming it in formal and informal learning processes (ICT infrastructures, teachers' competencies, etc).

The expected outcome is a set of priorities and actions encouraging Member States to innovate in their education and training through adopting and integrating e-Learning into teaching and training. It should also include recommendations to the Commission on how to support the Member States in this endeavour. This workshop will represent the "kick-off" of the Digital Agenda action 68.

Profiles of participants:

Member States' representatives (education and training), eLearning industry representatives (solutions providers, publishers, etc.); association of teachers and parents, researchers, as well as representatives of international associations and experts promoting the use of eLearning.

Draft Workshop programme:

DAY 1, THURSDAY 16.6.2011

10:00 – 13:30

Opening/Closing statements:

• Khalil ROUHANA, EC Director INFSO/E - Digital Content and Cognitive Systems

• Pierre MAIRESSE, EC Director EAC/A - Lifelong Learning: Horizontal Policy Issues and 2020 Strategy

10h15 Keynote – ICT in modernisation of education and training across Europe

• Markku MARKKULA, Member of the EU Committee of Regions (CoR Rapporteur on Digital Agenda & on the Role of Regions in Achieving the Objectives of EU 2020)

10h30 Thematic Panel: Lessons learnt

Discussing and showcasing successful eLearning policies and tools

• Marc DURANDO, European Schoolnet

• Saverio SALERNO, Research Centre in Pure and Applied Mathematics / University of Salerno

• Richard STRAUB, eLIG eLearning Industry Group

• Oscar VALIENTE, Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, OECD

• Etelberto COSTA, Portuguese Association for Human Resources Managers

11h30 Open discussion on lessons learnt and first conclusions

• Facilitated by Sally REYNOLDS, Managing Director ATiT

• Rapporteurs: Tapio KOSKINEN (Aalto University) / Yves PUNIE (IPTS)

12h00 Thematic Panel: Drivers and opportunities

Discussing drivers, opportunities and expectations.

• Hans LAUGESEN, European Trade Unions Committee for Education (ETUCE)

• Johannes THEINER, European Parents' Association (EPA)

• Georges VAN STEENE, Vice-President of the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) and President of European Training and Development Federation (EDTF)

• Lara WIDMER, The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU)

12:40 Open discussion on the way forward

Priorities for actions

• Facilitated by Sally REYNOLDS, Managing Director ATiT

• Rapporteurs: Tapio KOSKINEN (Aalto University) /Yves PUNIE (IPTS)

13:15 Conclusions

  • Reports from the thematic panels and open discussions
  • Final conclusions

13:30 – End of workshop

Workshop links and documents

Workshop results

Session organiser: Marco MARSELLA (European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, Luxembourg)

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