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ICT 2014

ICT 2014


" I would like to thank all who participated  in the ICT 2014: Digital Now! for making the conference a success. 
More than 700 participants from 12 European institutions and agencies and the 44 directorates of the European Commission took part in the event. Together with the 13 fantastic speakers they engaged in lively debates around the Digital Now and the Digital Future of our organization. 
Almost 500 colleagues watched online the 3 sessions and engaged in the social media conversations – more than 2300 #digitconf tweets and 240 Yammer posts were shared during the day. The event was more interactive than ever. To illustrate this I would use your own words: 

Christoforos Korakas:  #DIGITconf Thanks to all for a great day full of inspiration and good advice on how to make the EC a 21st century organisation! 

Karl Seghers: #DIGITconf or how a one-day conference can be so overwhelmingly direct and to the point. Mega enthusiasm and passion!

Fabio Zilberstein: That's all folks #DIGITconf. Lot of learning and sharing today, for which I thank you all. Tomorrow is another day, digital day 


Thank you once again and let's walk the talk together to become a truly modern and digital administration! "


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