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Translating for the European Commission — temporary staff

If you would like to work for DG Translation on a temporary basis, you should respond to one of our calls for temporary staff. To see if you've got what we're looking for, check our translator profile.

Minimum requirements

You need to meet the same basic criteria as permanent officials, but you won't need to enter an open EU civil service competition.

Duration of contracts

1 to 4 years with the possibility of one extension of a maximum of two years subject to the decisionpdf Choose translations of the previous link  . Note: in any 12-year period, you cannot work for the European Commission on non-permanent contracts for more than 7 years in total (all types of contract combined).

Probationary period

9 months

Salary, taxes, allowances and benefits

Pay and conditions as for officials. Temporary staff are usually recruited to grade 5.

Selection procedure

  • DG Translation launches a call for expressions of interest
  • candidates who best match the requirements are asked to take a language test and come for interview
  • pre-recruitment medical examination (in Brussels or Luxembourg).