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Machine translation for public administrations — MT@EC

Need a quick, raw translation of a text in a language you can't read? Try the European Commission's online machine translation service, MT@EC. If you work in public administration in an EU country, Iceland or Norway, or in an EU institution or agency, you can use our product free of charge. It works best with texts on EU-related matters.

New release of the DGTranslation - Translation Memory (DGT-TM) is now available for download.

The 2016 update adds 11 million translation units (~ sentences) or 184 million words to the collection. This corresponds to about 480K new translation units per language with Croatian (HR) data more than doubling in size. With this update, a total of 100 million translation units is now available for download, equivalent to 1.65 billion words.

Raw quality

Our machine translation service produces raw automatic translations from and into any official EU language. You can use it to grasp the gist of a text. Remember, if you need an accurate, high-quality translation, the text must be revised by a skilled professional translator.

Password access

You need a password to use the service.

  • Staff working for EU institutions or agencies can use MT@EC with their ECAS account credentials.
  • Staff working for a public administration in an EU country should follow these steps:
  1. Sign up for your personal ECAS account and password (using only your professional email address).
  2. Email to tell us you have an ECAS account. Say what your job involves and which public administrative body you work for. Don't forget to include your full signature.
  3. We'll create your MT@EC account (and notify you).

Using MT@EC

How you access MT@EC depends on where you work. Whatever connection you choose, they're all secure.

Where you work

How you access MT@EC

EU institution or agency
Public administration (within the sTESTA network)

Request a machine translation
(via the non-public sTESTA network)
Public administration (not within the sTESTA network)Request a machine translation
(by internet)

Once you have access, just select the type of translation you need:

  • Translate documents — upload one or more documents (this can even be done simultaneously)
  • Translate text — type or copy and paste your snippet of text

Need help?

Product features


MT@EC guarantees a high level of security. All data processed by the system stay within the Commission's firewalls and can't be seen by outsiders.


  • Accepts several formats:
    • doc(x)
    • xls(x)
    • ppt(x)
    • odt
    • rtf
    • txt
    • html
    • tmx
    • xliff
    • pdf
    • xml
  • Automatically detects the language of text snippets after 50 characters
  • Can translate several documents into several languages in one go


  • Preserves format(ting) of your original document (except for pdf, which is returned as docx)
  • Delivers the translation quickly, not instantaneously (ranging from seconds to a few minutes)
  • Indicates the expected quality of the translation for different language pairs
  • Offers 552 language pairs, covering all 24 official EU languages


  • Emails translations, or stores them in your personal workspace