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Translation and drafting resources for EU languages

If you work with texts in one of the EU's 24 official languages, our translation and drafting resources website could be a useful source of information, especially for EU-related texts. The site contains links to resources that our translators use.

Whether you are looking for multilingual terminology, tips on drafting or EU in-house style guides, the links to resources may well provide you with the answers you need.

For every official EU language, the site gives:

  • general language resources for translators and drafters;
  • specific reference materials and guidelines for contractors translating texts for the European Commission.

Machine translation service

Get a quick raw, automatic translation for text in a language you can't read. Works between all official EU languages.

Language technology resources

We also make available some of our language technology resources and tools:

All of these are downloadable and specifically useful for anyone developing language applications or language technology, providing language services or carrying out translation research.