The 8th Conference of the Slovak Terminology Network

    The Slovak Terminology Network (STS) organised its 8th conference in October 2012 in Bratislava. This time its participants examined the importance of translation in implementing the EU law – the issue professionally relevant for most STS members which bears particular significance for the cooperation encouraged by STS between EU institutions and Slovak public and private bodies.
    During the morning session the floor was taken JUDr. Mária Krošláková who has been focusing on approximation of acquis communautaire at the Government Office of the Slovak Republic since its beginnings in 1990’s. In her speech "The process of implementation of EU legal acts at national level, impacts and the importance of translation in this process" she outlined the procedural frame of EU law implementation in Slovakia and mentioned several significant examples of how translation affects the implementation of legal acts.
    She was followed by Ing. Stanislav Ďurina from the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic who offered his view on the main topic of the conference from customs perspective: "The challenges of searching for equivalents of foreign terms in the Customs area – Lost in translation” and among other things he pointed out certain stumbling blocks of Brussels’ English and French a translator must deal with.
    Translations of EU law were further analysed by Ing. Cyril Francisci from the Communications Research Institute who has been actively working on the unification and distribution of correct Slovak terminology in the field of information and communication technologies. In his speech “Terminology resulting from EU legal acts in the field of electronic communications” he also addressed the principles to be followed in translation of terms in the dynamically developing area of ICT which continuously brings new phenomena.
    In the afternoon, conference participants followed up on the speakers’ breakdown of the main topic in discussion panels which provide a unique platform for expert opinion exchange between STS members. Four discussion panels hosted by the key speakers of the conference examined the study of the antidiscrimination act, specific terminological examples from the customs area, ambiguous issues of codified syntax and practical experience of panellists when it comes to translations of EU documents. The panels brought a lot of valuable input for the Slovak translation department of the European Commission thus constituting an important contribution of STS to the quality of legal acts.




The 7th Conference of the Slovak Terminology Network

    On Friday, 21 October 2011, the 7th Conference of the Slovak Terminology Network (STS) took place in Bratislava, focusing on anglicisms and projects of newly established working groups and presenting a summary of developments since its last meeting.
    In the presentation part, we had the opportunity to look at the anglicisms from two main perspectives: Ms Alexandra Jarošová from the Slovak Linguistic Institute presented a slovakistic view, while that of an anglicist was presented by Mr Miroslav Bázlik from the Department of British and American Studies of the Comenius University in Bratislava.
    A lively afternoon discussion in groups was also dedicated to translation solutions of specific cases of anglicisms, bringing up a number of other interesting views and sources of know-how.
    The participants could also hear introductory word from representatives of newly established working groups: for the area of ICT it was Mr Ivan Plander and Mr Cyril Francisci, for the terminology of civil aviation Mr Stanislav Vančo. A brief overview of the state of play of other working groups was given by a DGT representative. Furthermore, Mr Jozef Reinvart from the SK Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a short contribution on a worldwide website project dedicated to Slovak language teaching, and on a new EU multilingual platform.
    The conference has reaffirmed the rich professional and personal potential of STS members, thus bringing added value to the field of specific terminology in the Slovak language. The STS Task Force thanks to all Members for their interest and active participation at the 7th Conference.




“Platforms of Cooperation” – The 6th Conference of the Slovak Terminology Network

    Terminology cooperation within the Slovak Terminology Network (STS) found fresh impetus for its efforts on 22 October 2010. Under new leadership the network was seeking to explore, as the title of the conference suggested, existing and innovative means of cooperation which would best serve in delivering results.
    In the morning participants learned first-hand experience with STS terminology projects for IATE from the standpoint of DGT.C.SK (presented by Ms. Vesela), as well as about the ways a successful terminology project evolved in the STS working group for agriculture (presented by Ms. Chrenekova from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra). In a presentation on EUR-Lex, EuroVoc and EU Bookshop as sources of terminology, Publication Office representative Ms. Malekova outlined a number of new paths for cooperation with national institutions.
    An open discussion in the afternoon identified needs for mapping out terminology activities in Slovakia and initiating an STS working group on IT terms. Participants spoke in favour of a reinforced DGT leadership in the network, as well as for closer links between the STS working groups, universities and terminology committees at Slovak ministries, pointing out the potential of STS website and its on-line discussion forum as a pool of terminology information and a communication channel. A DGT initiative, STS is steadily gaining prestige in Slovakia as an important player in terminology development of the Slovak language.




    The Slovak Terminology Network organised its 5th conference on 23 April 2010 in Luxembourg on the topic of "Political, institutional and terminological implications of the Lisbon Treaty". STS founder and promoter Gino Vesentini and Ms. G. Hauschildt, Director of DGT's Directorate C, set a friendly and creative tone for the whole event with their opening speeches, after which the main topic was analysed by several speakers. Miroslav Adamiš, the recently appointed Head of DGT's Directoriat A (previously Ambassador and Head of Cabinet of former Slovak Commissioner Jan Figeľ), gave a fascinating speech on the lengthy process and numerous obstacles faced by all Member States prior to the final adoption of the Lisbon Treaty. Tomáš Buchta, a legal adviser from Slovakia's Permanent Representation to the EU, devoted his presentation to the changes in the co-decision procedure in each of the EU legislative bodies after the adoption of the Treaty.
    The conference also featured Elena Švancárová and Tomáš Kukliš from the Council, who actively participated in the translation of the Lisbon Treaty into Slovak. They discussed translation issues encountered during their work and compared them with those met during translation of past treaties, emphasizing specific terminological problems. Finally, Mária Krošláková – who works for the Slovak Government Office and is directly involved in the transposition process of EU legislation into Slovak law – discussed the Lisbon Treaty from a Slovak perspective, and Nataša Procházková from DGT-SK wrapped up with a presentation of the STS Forum, a new web communication tool designed to meet the needs of the STS network.
    All in all the event was a success, and provided an opportunity to wish a dignified farewell to Gino Vesentini, who will soon retire, and whose invaluable contribution to the establishment and functioning of the Slovak Terminology Network will be long remembered.




    Following the Fourth Conference, which took place on 4 December 2009 in Bratislava, STS working groups have begun tackling particular terminological projects. Working groups on legal and environmental terminology have been reactivated. The new website is regularly updated with information on interesting events, links and speeches from past conferences. In the near future, the STS Forum will be fully operational offering both members and visitors new topics for discussion. Along with conferences and working groups, the Forum should serve as a communication channel linking specialists from different fields of expertise. The Steering Committee and the Task Force have been doing the preparatory work for the next, Fifth STS Conference, which will take place in spring 2010 in Luxembourg.