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Publications on translation, language and linguistic issues

Our brochures, magazines, e-zines and websites cater for language professionals and the general public. They cover issues like:

  • how the EU deals with the language consequences of an expanding Union
  • how DG Translation helps the EU Commission communicate in the EU's 24 official languages
  • how we process documents and manage language versions.

For more general material on the EU and how it works, you can order or download publications from the EU Bookshop.

Handy websites for translators

Here are some of the online information sources and tools that our translators find useful:

  • translation and drafting resources site — language resources for translating and drafting (for all EU languages);
  • IATE database — terminology used in the various European institutions. It contains about 8 million terms, 520 000 abbreviations and 140 000 phrases in all 24 official EU languages, Latin and some other languages;
  • multilingual translation memory for EU law — containing about 1 million sentences and their translations;
  • EUR-Lex — a compendium of all EU laws currently in force, in all official EU languages.