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Translating Europe — Forum & Workshops

DG Translation has long-standing relations with various stakeholders in the translation world, such as:

  • universities
  • the language industry
  • national language institutes
  • translation services in EU countries
  • professional associations

We want to encourage more systematic cooperation with and between all these. The idea is to create a community of interest, to make the world of translation more visible, share good practice, develop common projects, and promote a diversified and sustainable market for professional translators in Europe.

Translating Europe Forum

The Forum aims to encourage collaborative projects between groups and individuals with an interest or involvement in translation.

When? The next Translating Europe Forum will be held on 27 and 28 October 2016

Translating Europe Workshops

These are designed to address skills gaps in the language industry and make translation students and graduates more readily employable.

When? All year round, in several EU countries.

Stay connected: #TranslatingEurope