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Language industry web platform (LIND-Web) Events


#TranslatingEurope Workshop - Quality work placements for translation students - Expectations and practices


Our Translating Europe Forum replaces the former LIND-Web Forum and Translation Studies Days.


Theme: Joining forces for a stronger language industry

DG Translation hosted a 2nd forum in October for the EU language industry to discuss the sector's added value and best practices that may help enable further economic growth and create more jobs.

The event brought together language-industry stakeholders (service providers, companies of al sizes that require or buy language services, associations of professionals, etc.).

As the forum was held in parallel with the Translation Studies Day, participants were able to meet and exchange views with major players from the language industry and academia.

Panel topics

  • Going Global through Language Services— industry best practice, professional development, role of language service providers.
    Speakers from SAP, Semantix, memsource, the French association of literary translators.
  • Employability and Language Services – Preparing for the Future— jobs in the language industry, future prospects for language professionals in government and business.
    Speakers from language service providers (Lionbridge, Langune) as well as research institutes (DFKI, Aston University).



Our 1st forum ("Share, cooperate, grow") built upon the LIND-Web launch in 2010 and the development work carried out in 2011.