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EMT network

The EMT network is the forum where EMT member universities meet, exchange good practices in translation teaching, and discuss future developments.

It now has 63 members, including two non-EU programmes.

Network activities

The EMT members hold regular network meetings. They also run the EMT wiki where they can share ideas and get updates on the network's activities. It is open to network members and all institutions that have ever submitted an application (even if they were not selected). If you'd like to get access, contact us for details.

Membership criteria

For admission, universities have to prove that their translator training course complies with a minimum set of quality criteria, i.e. the course should cover a broad range of competences and be tailored to suit market demands. Only the members of the network are awarded the EMT quality label (a registered EU trademark since June 2012) and, in return, they are expected to promote the EMT standards of excellence.


For member universities:

  • approval for using the EMT trademark
  • priority for inviting guest lecturers from DG Translation (Visiting Translator Scheme)
  • benefit from a partnership with DG Translation and from the collective efforts of the network to:
    • enhance the status of translation as a profession
    • promote the EMT quality label
    • raise the profile of translation programmes
    • help programme managers develop the appropriate skills by:
      • strengthening programmes
      • re-assessing training methods
      • sharing skills and resources
      • negotiating with partner associations, institutions, and technical and commercial organisations as a network
      • building up cooperation links
      • taking part in an ongoing EMT forum on skills, criteria, resources, methods and requirements.

For EMT students:


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