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European Master's in Translation (EMT)

The EMT is a partnership project between the European Commission and higher-education institutions offering master's level translation programmes.

The project has established a quality label for university translation programmes that meet agreed professional standards and market demands. EMT is a registered EU trademark and universities in the EMT network are entitled to use the logo.


The main goal of EMT is to improve the quality of translator training and to get highly skilled people to work as translators in the EU. The translator competence profile, drawn up by European experts, details the competences translators need to work successfully in today's market. More and more universities use it as a model for designing their programmes.

In the long run, the EMT seeks to enhance the status of the translation profession in the EU.

The list of participating programmes and universities was renewed in June 2014. The next selection round will take place in five years' time.

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