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Reducing the administrative burden – Results

The programme has reached its target its target of cutting 25% the administrative burdens stemming from EU legislation (estimated at €124 billion). The measures adopted at EU level until December 2012 are worth € 30.8 billion in annual savings for businesses.

The Commission exceeded the target by tabling proposals with a burden reduction potential close to €41 billion (33%). Some of this potential was lost in the legislative process as the Commission proposals were amended.

If all the Commission's proposals still pending before Council and Parliament in December 2012 are adopted, the total estimated burden could be reduced by 30.5 %  representing total annual savings for businesses of €37.6 billion.

Administrative Burden Reduction at EU level. Results 2012  

Proposed by Commission  Adopted/Completed     Pending adoption by co-legislator    Total reduction potential 


   -40 875  -30 802   -6 821  -37 623


     33%   25%    5.5%   30.5%


Sectoral Reduction Plan results

For a detailed overview of the results on each of the sectoral reduction plans, see the Action Programme for Reducing Administrative Burdens in the EU Final Report pdf - 227 KB [227 KB]