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Multilingual webcasting combined with internet chat

Virtual conferences often combine several media tools. DG interpretation usually provides a combination of :

  • "Webcasting” which allows people located elsewhere to follow the conference in any of the languages for which simultaneous interpretation is provided in the meeting room;

  • An interactive internet "chat" session. Remote participants can type questions or comments in their language. If the answer is of general interest, it is forwarded to the panel discussion during the question & answer session; it will be read out (and interpreted) in the meeting room and remote participants will get the answer through the web-streaming. If your question is very technical or not of general interest, a pool of experts will answer you directly on the (written) chat line.

Virtual conferences

An example of a virtual conference

The European Commission organises a "negotiation day" for potential participants to a call for tender or a call for proposals.

Information about how to respond is provided via web-streaming. European Commission staff in Brussels make presentations using slides to explain relevant information. Tenderers, following the streaming on their computer connected to the Internet from their own country, can ask questions via a chat line; questions (after interpretation, if provided) are answered by officials within a few minutes via the webcasting.

Another example of a virtual conference: Scientific conference

The European Commission organises a conference in Brussels or elsewhere in Europe in a conference centre. The conference room can fit 400 participants but many more are interested in listening to the whole conference or to a specific presentation and to ask questions.

Participants unable to get a seat or to travel to the conference, can follow the whole event that is streamed live and can see slides as if they were in the room. They can listen in any of the languages for which simultaneous interpretation is provided in the room. "Virtual participants" can ask questions via a chat line or simply follow the chat conversation; questions from the chat are answered by European Commission staff in writing or, if of general interest, via the webcasting during the questions and answers session.

Virtual conferences



How do I participate?

To participate in a virtual conference you will need to join:

  • the webcast and
  • the chat.

Links are normally given on the same announcement page. For some events with restricted participation, links are sent by e-mail or access to the streaming page requires a password.

As an example of how this technology can be used, you can have a look at the virtual facilities within the ManagEnergy Initiativeexternal link that, the European Commission's Directorate General Energy and Transport has developed jointly with DG Interpretation.

For more detailed information send a message to scic-newtech@ec.europa.euexternal link