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Informal technical working group on technical matters relating to interpretation

07/2014 – VC+I launch of a proposal for common checklist and recommendation document

On the 04th of July 2014, the Informal Working Group on video-conferencing with interpretation, gathering representatives from the technical conference services of several European and international institutions, met at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. SCIC presented pdf - 1019 KB [1019 KB] a proposal for two new documents (a checklist and a “Tips for ….”) to help organizers of video-conferences with interpretation. The goal is that all institutions and organisations involved use the same document.

04/2014 – Final findings on the videoconferencing with interpretation follow up study on the distant party set-up

On the 29th of April 2014, the final findings were presented pdf - 6 MB [6 MB]  and and discussed with the members of the dedicated working group.
After this final meeting a comprehensive report with the different recommendations has been made available here pdf - 5 MB [5 MB] .

03/2014 – Intermediate findings: follow-up study on Videoconferencing with interpretation

On 11 March 2014, the study's intermediate findings were presented and discussed with the members of the dedicated working group. These findings are based on the analysis of information gathered in the past month from different stakeholders. 
A summary of the analysis can be found in this presentation pdf - 7 MB [7 MB] .

01/2014 – Kick-off meeting: follow-up study on Videoconferencing with interpretation

On the 20th of January 2014 a first dedicated working group meeting was held to explain and share ideas on the way the study will be conducted.

As a basis for discussion, a presentation pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] was shown to the members of the group. The meeting minutes of this meeting can be found here pdf - 21 KB [21 KB] .

12/2013 – Presentation of the follow-up study on Videoconferencing with interpretation

During the working group meeting on the 6th of December 2013, SCIC proposed the new inter-institutional follow-up study on Videoconferencing with interpretation – distant party set-up pdf - 457 KB [457 KB] .

A call for participation was issued on the 18 of December 2013 to the members of the working group to organize sub-workgroup meetings with the aid of an external contractor. These meetings will be held in Q1 of 2014. The description of this assignment can be found here pdf - 300 KB [300 KB] .

07/2013 – Meeting of the working group.

During the course of 2013 the European Commission’s interpretation service started an evaluation project for videoconferencing with interpretation of the distant site based on the consultant reportexternal link. On the 4th of July 2013, the results and next steps of this project were presented to the group.

Presentation on experience with the evaluation project on VC with interpretation. pdf - 776 KB [776 KB]

During this meeting other interpretation service projects were presented:

Presentation on the project of screens in interpretation booths pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]
Presentation on the successor of the AKG K10 headphones pdf - 6 MB [6 MB]

2012 - What do you need to do in order to have simultaneous interpretation in a videoconference?

The European Commission's Directorate General for Interpretation asked this question of a consultant along with the question of which solutions are available in the marketplace. The report external link is now made public.