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Multilingual chats


Multilingual chatMultilingual "chats" are organised by the European Commission: political figures interact with European citizens connected to the Internet using a chat facility.

People can follow the chat discussion in any of the different languages provided. Incoming questions are translated as they come in by DG Interpretation interpreters from all languages covered.

The Commissioner's (or other panel participant’s) answer is then translated back into the language of the question. Chats are usually held in the early evening and last a couple of hours. Announcements and instructions on how to join the chat are available on the special chat announcement page on Europaexternal link.

You can join a chat in two ways: Multilingual chat

You can take part in the on-line discussion and ask questions or just follow the discussion without participating actively. The only information you are asked to provide in order to get the connection is:

  • your preferred language channel;
  • a nickname (answers will be addressed to the nickname you choose).

See also the description of virtual conferences combining webcasting and chat.

For more detailed information send a message to scic-newtech@ec.europa.euexternal link.