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What is Pivot ?

Using a single language as a relay.

If only one or two interpreters have a less widespread language as a passive language they are said to be the "pivots" for the other booths which will take relay from them. The French term is universally employed.

DG Interpretation always tries to avoid to have a single pivot (pivot unique) for any language in its team. Sometimes a single language is a pivot language, but covered by two interpreters who both work retour into one language and take turns in the same booth or by one retour interpreter and one interpreter in the booth of the retour language who can take turns.

When putting together a large team (say 23-23) DG Interpretation always tries to provide relay through different language families (Germanic, Romance, Finno-Ugric) in order to distribute the work-load more evenly across the team and in order to avoid any imbalance in the interpretation that might result from always transiting through only one relay language or language group.