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The simultaneous interpreters’ workplace

Many conference venues have built-in booths and equipment for simultaneous interpreting. 


If fixed booths are unavailable, simultaneous interpreters work in mobile booths. 

Mobile booth

The European Commission’s main conference centre, the Centre de Conférence Albert Borschette (CCAB) has four meeting rooms with booths for simultaneous interpreting on each of the five floors.

CCAB - Building


The Commission’s largest conference room in the Charlemagne building has 23 booths.

Charlemagne conference room


The Berlaymont building, the headquarters of the European Commission, has a total of 10 meeting rooms, equipped for simultaneous interpretation.

Berlaymont building   Meeting room Berlaymont

Booths need to offer a good view of the proceedings. They need to be comfortable, sound-proofed, air-conditioned and have good light and comfortable chairs, and offer a direct and complete view of all delegates.

ISO-standards have been established for booths and equipment.

ISO 2603external link – 1998 (built-in booths)

ISO 4043external link – 1998 (mobile booths)

The SCIC works to reinforced ISO- standards that ensure excellent working conditions for interpreters and help provide delegates with interpreting of the highest quality.

If you are engaged in building a conference facility or a meeting room with interpretation equipment, you are very welcome to contact the DG Interpretation Management of Conference Technology Unit for advice and suggestions.

"He works in the Spanish booth …"

Among interpreters "working in the booth" means interpreting as opposed to any other activity. But the "booth" also refers to the active language of the interpreter or within DG Interpretation, the interpreting unit the person belongs to. DG Interpretation has one interpreting unit or booth for each official language of the Union.