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Help for designing your conference facility

DG Interpretation has very extensive experience in construction and renovation of meeting and conference facilities with installations for simultaneous interpretation. DG Interpretation is happy to share its know-how with architects, builders or promoters of public as well as private conference rooms or convention centres. We can give you an unbiased evaluation of all aspects pertaining to conference interpreting and the necessary equipment and rooms.



Our specialised team checks that all meeting rooms in Europe and abroad, where DG Interpretation interpreters are called upon to work, are in conformity with our standards for interpreting booths and equipment. DG Interpretation works closely with international standards bodies and manufacturers of interpreting equipment.

DG Interpretation can give advice of a general nature concerning your projected meeting rooms, in particular concerning how to apply the international standards in practice. We cannot, however, take the place of the consultant engineers that build your facility. DG Interpretation consultancy services are free of charge but any travel expenses are charged to the applicant.

Technical consultancy requests should be addressed to :

Ms M. Lely
Team Leader Technical Compliance
Office VM 18-02/024
Directorate General for Interpretation
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels
E-mail : SCIC-CONFORM@ec.europa.euexternal link
Tel : +32-2-2974569