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DG SCIC is looking for insurance expertise- SCIC-C4/2013/1

DG SCIC is looking for insurance expertise- SCIC-C4/2013/1

Extension of the deadline for submission of bids - SCIC C4/2013/1

The contracting authority decided to extend the deadline for the submission of bids to 21 April 2013.

Would you already have sent a bid, please note that you may submit a revised offer before the end of the extended deadline if you wish to take the additional time given to complement it. In this case, your first bid will be deleted and not taken into consideration for evaluation and award. This also means that a possible second offer should include all the requested supporting documents that you attached to your first bid.

DG SCIC is looking for insurance expertise

Please, find all the documents belowexternal linkexternal link

The European Commission, Directorate General for Interpretation is looking for expertise in the sickness and accident insurance field.

To cover interpretation needs, the European Institutions employ a mix of staff and freelance interpreters (Conference Interpreting Agents – ACI). The legal framework for the recruitment and payment of ACI is the "Agreement on working conditions and the pecuniary regime for ACI recruited by the Institutions of the European Union". In accordance with Article 16 of the above Agreement, the Commission has concluded an insurance contract for ACI against the risk of sickness and accident, and consequent loss of income during the days worked for the European Union and days spent travelling to and from such assignments. Since the present insurance contract will run out at the end of February 2014, the Commission is preparing the launch of a call for tender to select a new insurer.

For that purpose, we need technical input and assistance to review the current insurance policy and to prepare a call for tender to select a new insurer for ACI.

The contractor shall review the existing insurance policy, compare its provisions against the market standards and propose amendments to address number of issues identified by the Commission. The contractor will also assist in drafting the technical part of the tender specifications for a new call for tender, provide guidance and expertise. Furthermore, the contractor will be consulted in the evaluation phase.

The detailed description of the services requested together with instructions on how to place a bid will be available on this website as of 20 March 2013. If you are interested in collaborating with us on this project and you think you have the necessary technical expertise and professional experience to carry out the service requested, please submit your bid to Ms Pilar Ribeiro at scic-c4-tenders@ec.europa.euexternal linkexternal linkexternal link on 21 April at the latest.

Please not that you cannot be selected for this call for tender if you have a link to the following companies: Vanbreda International NV, Cigna Life Insurance Company of Europe S.A. or Allianz. This restriction is determined by the construction of the insurance contract the contractor will be reviewing. Furthermore, if the contractor would be in the situation of conflict of interest with one of the tenderers submitting a bid in the call for tender to select a new insurer, the Commission may decide to stop the co-operation with the contractor before the evaluation phase or exclude the said tenderer from the tender procedure.