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Programming behind the scenes

New VideoSCIC-production looks at the whole programming cycle.
If you are wondering how DG Interpretation gets from a meeting request to putting individual interpreters in the booth, here is the clip for you.
In just 12 minutes, David Baker, head of our Programming of Interpretation Unit, takes us on a complete tour of the programming cycle from it starts in the mind of a meeting organiser until final assignments of interpreters are made by Programming and Planning. Meet the staff in Unit SCIC C2 and discover how "arbitrage" works and exactly what they do with a "planche" in Programming. See a mock meeting with a looming shortage of just one language and how the issue is resolved.
The clip is available on our video page on Europa: link
and also on Facebook: link
Don't hesitate to recommend it to your friends and relatives who may still be wondering just how DG Interpretation interpreters actually end up in the meetings they do and how the process works that put them there. :-)