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Mind your manners

Booth-manners are important to simultaneous interpreters, or rather, to their delegates.

Your audience really just wants to hear the interpretation, not your newspaper, your water-glass, your food (especially not your food!) or whatever other extraneous noise might be produced in the booth.

The European Commission's interpreters have prepared a few modest examples of don'ts and do's and present them in this humorous training video on behavior in the simultaneous booth. Please be advised, if you do not have a sense of humour, this is serious fun, it is not a depiction of a known reality. No interpreters were harmed in the production of this clip. :-)

It stars Alex Smith and Julia Launchbury, both top-level English interpreters with the European Commission (DG Interpretation - SCIC), with Terry Clough as The Delegate and a cameo appearance by Lucinda Afreixo, current director at VideoSCIC. It was produced in 2006 by Susan Roberts, previous director at VideoSCIC, assisted by Lucinda.