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Brussels Declaration on ITC tools in language services and life-long language learning

IAMLADP issues international declaration calling for more awareness-raising in schools and universities not only concerning the importance of language learning, but also to become familiar with the new and emerging needs.


On Wednesday 25 June, the #IAMLADPexternal link meeting approved a statement, endorsed by European Commissioner Vassiliou, urging national authorities to promote the teaching of languages throughout the education system,  as well as specific university training of translators and interpreters at Masters level, in order to ensure that young people can benefit from the vast range of employment openings in IAMLADP organizations, but also more widely.

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The managers of the language service of international organisations such as UN, EU, OECD, IMF, World Bank and dozens of other international organisations meet regularly in the International Annual Meeting on Language Arrangements, Documentation and Publications – IAMLADP in short - to discuss their common concerns, ranging from translation tools to e-learning for linguists. These language services employ some 10 000 professionals in all.