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Equality, fraternity... And what was the other one?

Rudi LedererRudolph "Rudi" Lederer (1926-2004) started to interpret without any real training while stationed with the British Army on the Rhine in 1946. He worked for the European Commission from 1958 until his retirement in 1991, first for the Translation Service and, soon after, for DG Interpretation (SCIC) in its various early forms.


Creating Germany – Building Europe pdf - 198 KB [198 KB]

By special leave he also interpreted at all bilateral meetings between British Prime Ministers and German Chancellors from 1949 until his definitive retirement from interpreting in 1991.

Rudi was an exceptional man, personally spanning so many of the key events of the 20th century -- from the collapse of his father's native Austria-Hungary, via the Second World War, through to German-British reconciliation and the creation of the European Communities.

I had the privilege and pleasure to interview Rudi for the production of the video "Living memory" in early 2002. This is the first public publication of the complete interview, only two minutes of which were used in the video. You can see the excerpt with Rudi in the clip here: link.
Camera and editing; voice-over: Susan Roberts. © VideoSCIC 2002.

Ian Andersen - DG Interpretation