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Accreditation of non-EU interpreters

With a view to the rationalisation of non-EU languages, the Heads of Service of the three Institutions decided in the autumn of 2009 that accreditation of interpreters with AR, ZH, RU or JP would take place exclusively on the basis of accreditation tests as of 1 January 2012.
In the transitional period until the end of 2011, accreditation on the basis of professional experience  would still be possible as it had been the case until then.

However, in the light of the number and quality of the applications which we have received in recent months,  the Institutions have decided to increase the number of RU and ZH  tests foreseen as of 2010. Therefore  the deadline for accreditation on the basis of professional experience for RU and ZH is closed with immediate effect as of  8 March 2010.

For Arabic and Japanese,  accreditation on the basis of professional experience will continue until the end of 2011 according to the following procedure:

Interpreters able to prove at least 100 days of professional experience at the level required in meetings of international organisations may apply, between 1st January 2010 and 31/12/2011, to be registered in the inter-institutional database of accredited freelance interpreters on the basis of that professional experience. After this date, inclusion on the list will be by accreditation test only.

If you are interested in being considered for inclusion on the list on the basis of your professional experience, please send a mail with a detailed cv and proof of at least 100 days of experience as a conference interpreter, e.g.copies of contracts and or recommendations from recognized international organisations to
scic-signalaic@ec.europa.euexternal link. You will be notified in due course of the outcome and will be informed of the reasons in the event of a refusal.