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Focus on ethics for interpreters

DG Interpretation (SCIC) wins European Commission Clear Writing Award 2012 for Ethics guide for interpreters.

Ethics guide for interpretersEthical considerations are almost always present when interpreters are at work. Not so much in obvious and clear-cut cases of fraudulent behaviour, which is very rare, but more often in connection with how to deal with confidentiality or pressures in the shape of offers of gifts or other advantages. The European Commission's interpreters have prepared a practical guide pdf - 365 KB [365 KB] for its own interpreters and are happy to share it with colleagues for inspiration. Please note that there is a large number of links on the last two pages, most of which are to Commission-internal websites which will not open outside the Commission's internal network.

Feel free to quote from the Ethics guide, but please always acknowledge the source: "Directorate General for Interpretation © European Commission 2012"

From the foreword by Director of Interpreters Ann D'Haen-Bertier:

"As conference interpreters we are privy to many confidential discussions and inside information, and we are no doubt all fully aware of the need to safeguard confidentiality and of the professional standards we are expected to apply in the exercise of our profession.

Beyond interpreting, as civil servants and staff working for the EU institutions, we equally need to respect the Commission's corporate rules and guidelines on ethics and integrity and be aware of our statutory obligations.

This short guide, which was drafted by some of your colleagues, aims to inform you about the general principles and statutory rules, whilst specifically focusing on issues and practical examples which are most relevant for interpreters."

The Guide was drafted by Ursula Paulini, Nuria Bonel, Maria Koroknai, John Swales and Ieva Zauberga with input and advice from Biliana Sirakova, DG Interpretation's Ethics correspondent. Layout and copy editing by Mariana Furtado and graphic design by Leonid Gutesa.

The European Commission's Clear writing campaign external link 

is spearheaded by the Directorate General for Translation and aims to promote the Commission's clarity and readability in written expression across a number of media .

The campaign even has a song – "Clarity's a coming…", link,
which was also performed at last week's prize-giving ceremony.

This is the second win for DG Interpretation which already won the prize in 2011 for a website for Finnish delegates link  aiming to enable them to get the most out of their interpreters in multilingual meetings.

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