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DG Interpretation and IAMLADP

http://www.iamladp.orgexternal link

The International Annual Meeting on Language Arrangements, Documentation and Publications was set up some thirty years ago by the United Nationsexternal link, to allow Heads of Language and Conference Services to meet once a year, to identify and discuss common problems, exchange experiences and come up with best practices.   It was originally for UN members only until 2001 when all the EU Language Services (previously Observers) became full members.

At the 2001 Meeting, DG Interpretation was asked to set up and chair a Working Group on Training. Its members are WTOexternal link, UN Genevaexternal link, UN Viennaexternal link, ITUexternal link, OECDexternal link and ICCexternal link. The Working Group has been mandated to undertake training activities and to research subjects of particular common interest, such as staff exchanges and student internships in the language services of international organisations.

As well as the DG Interpretation-led Working Group on Training, there is a Working Group on Services, led by ILOexternal link and another on Technology, led by WIPOexternal link. Each is led and co-ordinated by a Chairman and has several Task Forces, Committees etc under its responsibility. They cover such diverse subjects as workload standards, external translation, website translation, conference organization, publications, status of language professions, and the Joint Inter-Agency Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology: http://jiamcatt.unsystem.orgexternal link

IAMLADP continues to meet annually. It was always hosted by a UN organization until 2004, when DG Interpretation was invited to do so, the first time a non-UN Organization had taken on the task. IAMLADP’s three Working Groups, through their designated Task Forces, discuss issues of common interest during the year and report on them at the Annual Meetings, usually held in July.