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Hvad er konferencetolkning?

Konferencetolkning omfatter udelukkende mundtlig kommunikation, dvs. at tolken naturligt og flydende gengiver et budskab fra et sprog til et andet med samme udtryksmåde, tone og overbevisning som taleren. Tolken taler i første person. Mere...

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  • Interpreting languages, culture, family bonds, history and politics
    Read the personal story of Ravel Kodrič, a free-lance interpreter working for the European Commission and other European Institutions. Born in Bulgaria, in the heart of the Balkans, in a family of ext...
  • Call for proposals - Grants (academic year 2016-2017)
    Information concerning specifically grants to universities for actions that support the organisation of Master/Post-graduate courses in conference interpreting and/or special projects aimed at support...
  • Call for applications: the PASS programme
    The interpretation services of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Court of Justice of the European Union are jointly planning a training initiative to help conference interpreter...