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About SCICtrain and SCIC

A general presentation by Marco Benedetti, Director General at DG SCIC (European Commission): what is behind SCICtrain?

What is interpretation?

A general introduction to the basic principles of interpreting as a communication process, how they have been established and taught in modern times.

Learning to interpret

Documentation, sourcing of information, terminology and other areas and techniques of meeting preparation.

Consecutive interpretation

The first step in the training path: active listening, analysis/synthesis, note-taking methods, communication and expression in the target language.

Simultaneous interpretation

The standard interpretation mode in multilingual meetings: specificities, problem-solving techniques, reformulating, communicating with your audience.


Retour interpretation, Relays, Whispering, Videoconferences and other specific situations.



Working as an interpreter


SCICTrain is a training tool that has been produced by SCIC. It contains a large number of videos, some of which are theoretical exposés, whereas others are practical examples of professional-level interpreting. The aim is to make as much information as possible available to both trainers and students about what interpreting at SCIC is all about.

We hope that you find it useful, and we would like to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions. Any feedback is welcome.external link

Please, send your observations to  SCIC-Train@ec.europa.euexternal link

We will get back to you and respond as soon as we can.

The SCICtrain team