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Working with interpreters

Organisation of meetings - behind the scenes

How do you get up to 1000 interpreters to go to the right meeting every day? The European Commission's Directorate General of Interpretation provides interpreters for some 11,000 meetings each year. Making sure that the 120,000 to 140,000 interpreter-days are filled with the right people with the right languages is the task of DG Interpretation's Programming Unit.

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Mind your manners

Booth-manners are important to simultaneous interpreters, or rather, to their delegates. Your audience really just wants to hear the interpretation, not your newspaper, your water-glass, your food (especially not your food!) or whatever other extraneous noise might be produced in the booth. The European Commission's interpreters have prepared a few modest examples of don'ts and do's and present them in this humorous training video on behavior in the simultaneous booth.

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How to speak in public…

Understanding a bad speaker or mumbling delegate can be hard -- even if you share the same language. Using an interpreter could help -- but the interpreter also needs to understand the message. DG Interpretation has been organising training sessions for delegates and meeting chairs for several years in order to promote better communication in multilingual meetings. Participants are given the opportunity to try to interpret different qualities of speakers themselves in order to increase their awareness of How to speak in public -- with a fair chance of being understood.