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Documents and terminology

Treaties and legislation

All links included in this section point to the EUR-Lexexternal link website, which allows public access to European Union law. They lead to the English pages unless otherwise stated. To switch to another language just click on the relevant button at the top of the page.

To better understand the documents included in EUR-Lex, as well as the legislative procedures and who the players in the Community system, are you might want to have a look at the section Process and playersexternal link.

The Treatiesexternal link constitute the European Union’s ‘primary legislation’, which is comparable to constitutional law at national level.

The legislative instruments adopted by the European institutions pursuant to the provisions of the treaties can be consulted from the Directory of Community legislationexternal link on a thematic basis. If you want to find a particular legislative act you can also search by document numberexternal link.

EUR-Lex includes all the issues of the Official Journalexternal link of the European Union from 1998 onwards in Pdf format. The Community acquis prior to 2004 enlargement in the nine new languages can be found in Pdf format in the special edition. For example, once you are in the Polish version of the Official Journal you can read all taxation legislation in force adopted before May 2004 in Polish by clicking on Wydanie specjalne 2004 and then on the link to Chapter 9 of the Directory.

The Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument of Commission's Directorate-General Enlargement Institution Building unit stores in its CCVista Translation Databaseexternal link translations of legal acts of the EU into candidate and potential candidate countries languages.

European Union Activities

The General Reportexternal link on the Activities of the European Union reviews the activities of the European Union in the previous year and is published annually by the Commission in all EU languages.

A summary of the main legislative measures and procedures for each of the activities of the European Union is accessible at the Summaries of legislationexternal link website. The site includes a series of fact sheets divided into 32 subjects. Although the fact sheets are not yet available in all European Union languages, they include links to the full text versions of relevant legislation in all available languages.

European Commission

Europaexternal link, the European Commission gateway to the European Union, hosts a dedicated Languages Portalexternal link, where you can access all relevant information on Translationexternal link and Interpretationexternal link policies and activities, employment, etc.

Amongst the documents included in the Commission Press Releasesexternal link database you can find the Commissioner's speeches (in the "type" menu select SPEECH).

From the EC Press Roomexternal link you can access up to date information on the Union's latest activities and press packs on topical issues, as well as the press rooms, media libraries and podcasts of the Commission and other EU institutions.

The Commission's Audiovisual Serviceexternal link portal includes video and audio documents for download; they cover events taking place in the institutions of the European Union: meetings, official visits, press conferences, signing of treaties. The Audiovisual Library offers you voices of Europe, expressed in its many languages in key speeches and declarations by key players in the construction of Europe. Any registered user can download these documents, and registration is free.

European Institutions Databases (Terminology)

Iateexternal link (Inter Active Terminology for Europe) is the EU inter-institutional terminology database. The project partners are the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice of the European Communities, the European Court of Auditors, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions, the European Central Bank, the European Investment Bank and the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU.

The European Environment Agency glossaryexternal link database contains about 500 English environmental terms with definitions and definition sources etc; as well as translations into the 26 EEA languages.

European Institutions Sites (Terminology)

The European Comission has drafted A plain language guide to Eurojargonexternal link in all EU languages, and a glossaryexternal link for explanations of most technical and legal terms, currently available in EU15 languages.

Some Commission Directorates General include glossaries in their websites: Regional Policyexternal link, Taxationexternal link, Customsexternal link, Taxation and Customs Acronymsexternal link, Budgetexternal link.

Member States Sites (Terminology)


Diccionario de la Real Academiaexternal link

Czech Republic

Přehled závazných termínů pro české překlady právních předpisů ES external link(Terminology Database,

Coordination and Revision Centre, Department for Compatibility with EC Law)


ESTERMexternal link (Term base of the Estonian Legal Translation Centre)


Terminológiai Adatbázisexternal link (Hungarian Terminology Database of the Translation Co-ordination Unit of the Ministry of Justice)


TTCexternal link (Internet Term Bank of the Latvian Translation and Terminology Centre)


Terminų glosarijusexternal link (Terminology database of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania)


B aza danych terminologicznych U rzędu K omitetu I ntegracji E uropejskiej external link(Terminology database of the Translation Department of the Office of the Committee for European Integration)


EVROTERMexternal link (Terminology database of the Translation Section of the Government Office for European Affairs (GOEA) of the Republic of Slovenia)


Valterexternal link (Finnish Government Termbank)

Member States Specialised Glossaries (Terminology)

International Organisations Sites (Terminology)

DETERMexternal link (United Nations - Terminology in German with ES EN FR)

FAOexternal link (Food and Agriculture Organization)

FAO fisheries glossary external link

FAO Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture external link

IECexternal link (International Electrotechnical Commission)

ILOexternal link (International Labour Organization)

IMFexternal link (International Monetary Fund)

ISIexternal link (International Statistical Institute)

ITUexternal link (International Telecommunications Union)

TourisTermexternal link (World Tourism Organization)

UNESCOTERMexternal link (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

UNTERMexternal link (United Nations - Terminology in the six official languages)

WTOexternal link (World Trade Organization)