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Virtual Classes


Virtual Classes are designed to supplement on-site training assistance if and where needed.


Universities request their chosen language combinations and select a module from DG SCIC’s training menu for virtual classes.
Virtual Classes are organized in close cooperation with our partner universities on the basis of an agreed script.


Most modules consist of practical sessions of consecutive and/or simultaneous interpretation with feedback given by our assessors.

For further details, please see our video on Virtual Classesexternal link

Types of virtual Classes organised by DG SCIC

  1. Bilateral Virtual Classes (BVC) with one partner university
  2. Multilateral Virtual classes (MVC)
    MVCs organized by DG SCIC between two partner universities at their initiative. MVCs decided by EMCI and proposed to DG SCIC and DG INTE at the beginning of each academic year. Classes by Video-conference link + Web streaming. These classes are dedicated to simultaneous or consecutive+simultaneous interpretation training. Since simultaneous training modules require web-streaming, participating universities need to acquire special equipment and software in addition to the normal video conference systems.

Training benefits

  • Students have the opportunity to refine their skills in a formal setting (stress management)
  • Students receive external feedback from professional interpreters and experienced trainers
  • University teachers can exchange views with European Commission  assessors/trainers
  • Students interpret speeches delivered by native speakers in Brussels in a wide array of languages, which are sometimes difficult to cover locally by universities.

For more information: SCIC-VIRTUAL-CLASS@ec.europa.euexternal link