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Speech Repository 2.0

The Speech Repositoryexternal link is an e-learning tool developed by DG Interpretation to help improve the quality of conference interpreter training.

This vast collection of speeches, on varying subjects and with different styles, contains real-life speeches which have been collected from national institutions and international organisations. It also contains recordings of training material, i.e. speeches delivered by experienced EU interpreters and university trainers. These speeches are tailored specifically to the needs of student interpreters for practice in consecutive and simultaneous modes and are adapted to the different stages of their training path.

The Speech Repository covers all 24 official EU languages, the languages of the Candidate Countries, plus Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

The new version of this tool, Speech Repository 2.0, consists of:

- Speech Repository: Full public access to a bank of streamed speeches, including recordings of excerpts of conferences or other public meetings, and training speeches made by interpreters from the European institutions.

- My Speech Repository, for partner universities and organisations and EU-accredited interpreters. After log-in through the European Commission Authentication System (ECAS). access is granted to all speeches and additional functionalities linked to conference interpreter training such as downloading speeches. The free SCICrec recording tool allows students to record their own interpretation and to play it back. The system also lets you share recordings, e.g. with other students or with trainers for evaluation.

Please click hereexternal link for Speech Repository 2.0.

See a short, animated introduction to the Speech Repository hereexternal link:

external link

For more information regarding access to the Speech Repository please contact us at scic-speech-repository@ec.europa.euexternal link