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On-site training assistance

Pedagogical assistance is one of the DG Interpretation’s means of action in the field of multicultural and multilingual communication in the Union.

General principles

DG Interpretation may provide pedagogical assistance to universities and higher-education establishments, offering a complete / post-graduate course in conference interpreting, by:

  • sending experienced interpreters to universities to improve training;
  • sending interpreters to sit on examination boards;
  • providing teaching tools tuned by DG Interpretation, e.g. videocassettes, manuals;
  • organising university study visits to DG Interpretation.


As an inter-institutional service provider, the objective of the Directorate General for Interpretation is to ensure the availability of sufficient suitably qualified conference interpreters to guarantee the smooth functioning of the European Institutions.

Within the general context of the European Union objectives, the main objectives of the Pedagogical Assistance programme are:

  • consolidate integration of the new languages and prepare for future enlargement of the Union in order to ensure an adequate multilingual communication capability in all official EU languages
  • promote the quality and spread of language coverage in teaching of interpreting for the official languages of the Union, especially the less widely known ones, the languages of the applicant countries and the languages of third countries as justified by current or foreseeable demand;
  • promote the establishment of post-graduate courses;
  • encourage co-operation between universities in different countries;
  • step up the quality of teaching;
  • support innovative pilot projects.

Submission of applications

A privacy statement applies to the collection of personal information via this form. By clicking the link to the form you consent to the processing of your personal data as described).

The application for pedagogical assistance ( how to apply pdf - 29 KB [29 KB] + P.A. training menu pdf - 29 KB [29 KB] ) will include the application form ( PDF pdf - 27 KB [27 KB] or Word msw8 - 38 KB [38 KB] ) , accompanied by the following documentation/ information (unless these documents / information have already been submitted previously) :

  • the status of the applying university / higher-education establishments;
  • staff organisation chart; curriculum vitae of the teaching staff and their status;
  • the structure, contents and timetable of the courses involved;
  • the languages and language combinations offered;
  • the number of students enrolled on courses and the number of aid recipients;
  • success rates in the last three years;
  • the type of diploma awarded on successful completion of the course

The application must include all other relevant information. If it concerns a first application, it must be submitted in duplicate. Any significant change to the file (or withdrawal) must be notified immediately.

Award criteria

  • conformity with the objectives of the programme
  • clear justification of the needs as well as the envisaged results of the assistance
  • the level of quality of the course
  • the cost-benefit ratio
  • compliance with procedures and deadlines.

Time limits

Applications must reach DG Interpretation

  • before 1 November, for assistance between 1 February and 31 August
  • before 1 May , for assistance between 1 September and 31 January

The application form and the accompanying documentation should be sent electronically to:

scic-assistance-pedagogique@ec.europa.euexternal link 

Please also send a copy to the Head of Interpretation Unit responsible for co-operation with your school/university.

The co-ordination of the applications is carried out by:
European Commission
DG Interpretation - Head of Department II
Office CCAB - 05/26
B - 1049 Brussels

Useful information for interpreter trainers

For additional information on assessment and examinations please refer to the website of the " European Masters in Conference Interpretingexternal link" (EMCI).

Additional advice on the content of a training programme for interpretation can also be obtained via the same EMCI website.external link