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Screening of Applications for EU Chinese scholarship

As stated in the Call for Applications, members of the Selection Board met on 17 March, 2008, to screen applications for the EUCITP interpreter training scholarship. In all, 49 applications were received. Of these, 20 were short-listed for interview and 5 proposed for a reserve list.

Interviews will be held in Beijing on 14-15/04 and in Brussels on 5/05. All applicants have been informed of the results of the screening process.

The Selection Board is composed of Mr Li Zhengren, Chief of Interpretation, UN Geneva, Prof. R. Setton, Shanghai GIIT, Mr D. Smith, Head of English Unit, DG Interpretation, Brussels and Mr P. Brennan, DG Interpretation China correspondent. The Board is assisted by assessors, including Prof. N. Standaert, Leuven University (KUL), Prof. Chen Yanjun, UIBE, Beijing and Mr W. White, Free-lance interpreter, Beijing

Paul Brennan
China correspondent