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I want to study languages

Why study languages?

Learning languages in today's globalising world is more important than ever and it opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Organisations and businesses are becoming more and more international in scope and as a result language skills are in high demand. On a personal level too, by speaking a language other than your own, a whole new world of global friendships, travel and culture is open to you!

Here are 700 hundred reasons why you should study languages: link

You can learn languages throughout your educational and working life. At secondary school, college and university there are a wide range of options available for young people, and languages can be studied in various ways. The European Commission’s Erasmus+external link encompasses different sub-programmes which fund projects at various levels of education and training: for schools, for higher education, for vocational education and training, for adult education. Discover the opportunities provided by Erasmus+ here.external link

Useful links for the UK

- UCAS: link

- DirectGov: link

- Routes into Languages: link

- LLAS (The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies): link

- Why study languages: link

- Studying languages at University: link