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Study on economic integration and business cycle synchronisation - Final Report
The "Study on Economic Integration and Business Cycle Synchronization" provides wide-ranging and comparative empirical evidence on the synchronization of business cycles in the euro area following the introduction of the common currency on 1 January 1999.

Public Finances in the EU (April 2008) (pdf document 1855 KB)

'Beyond GDP' - Overview paper for the Beyond GDP conference (November 2007) (pdf document 230 KB)

Regulating Conflicts of Interest for Holders of Public Office in the European Union (October 2007) (pdf document 1.2 MB)

Market Integration for Services: Messages from the workshops organised by the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (September 2007) (pdf document 94 KB)

Russia's next transition (June 2007) (pdf document 1753 Kb)

Investing in youth: An empowerment strategy (April 2007) (pdf document 1952 Kb)

Release of a consultation paper from the Bureau of European Policy Advisers. Europe's social reality (March 2007) (pdf document <250 Kb)

EU competitiveness and industrial location (May 2006)buy

Enlargement: Two years later (May 2006) (pdf document992 Kb)

China, the EU and the world: growing in harmony?(July 2006) ( pdf document 3731 Kb)buy

Migration and public perception (October 2006) ( pdf document 351 Kb)

 Investing in youth: From Childhood to Adulthood (September 2005) ( pdf document 263 Kb)

 The attitudes of the citizens of the european union towards the renewed strategy of Lisbon (pdf document 356 Kb)

 Single market yesterday and tomorrow (pdf document 256 Kb)

 Advantages of europe