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BEPA logo Conference on Public Finances in the EU, 3 - 4 April 2008

The European Commission will hold a conference on public finances in the EU, on 3 - 4 April 2008 in Brussels, Charlemagne building - Jean Durieux room.

The conference will focus on all aspects of EU budgetary spending and financing. The conference will cover the relevant political economy issues including the institutional framework. The aim is to discuss pertinent research that may be useful for the Commission in the preparation of a review of the EU budget.

The present framework of public finances in the EU has been established by the multi-annual Financial Perspective, the medium-term financial framework through which the EU plans its expenditure. Since its introduction for the period 1988-1992, the Financial Perspective has changed considerably. During this period, the EU itself has also changed with the realisation of the Single Market, the introduction of the Single Currency and enlargement from 12 to 27 Member States.

The perspective of the conference will be the long-run development of the public finances in the EU.


Participation in the Conference is by invitation only.

Summary proceedings will be published in book form.

Final Programme PDF

Conference Papers and Presentations

Proceedings of the Conference on Public Finances in the EU PDF

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