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Mission Statement

The mission of the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA) is to provide timely, informed, policy and political advice to the President and Commission Services on issues relevant to the President's agenda and the future of policies in the Union.

Due to its special position, working directly to the President, BEPA can lead inter-service groups on specific policy issues and participates in horizontal work within the Commission. In order to achieve its mission, BEPA aims to produce research and policy analysis up to high professional standards. It is on the basis of this strong conceptual and empirical work that BEPA contributes to effective communication not only within the Commission and the EU Institutions but also with academia, markets and the public in general.

The activity of BEPA is complementary to those of other Commission Services since it concentrates on the early (strategic) stage of the policy cycle, thereby contributing to shaping policy options in the medium and long run. BEPA interacts with academia, research institutes and, in  general, outside professionals in order to ensure that in making policy the President and through him, the Commission are informed by the  best analysis available.