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EU budget review – workshops

3. Reflections on the Common Agricultural Policy from a long-term perspective

26 February 2009: Berlaymont building - Room 11 (11th floor)

Programme PDF [22 KB]

Session 1: The future of the first pillar: after decoupling what?

Better targeting, phasing-out, new objectives… or time for a "Green Deal" for EU agriculture?
Johan F.M. Swinnen, Professor at KU Leuven, Belgium - Presentation PDF [279 KB] - Background paper PDF [210 KB]

Does the EU need a food policy?
Josef Schmidhuber, Head, Global Perspective Unit, FAO, Rome - Presentation PDF [273 KB]
Opening of discussion: Tassos Haniotis, Head of Unit, DG Agriculture and Rural Development - Presentation PDF [83 KB]

Session 2: A further greening of the CAP? What role for each pillar?

CAP reform after 2013: a concept for nature rural public goods
Louis-Pascal Mahé, Professor Emeritus, Agrocampus, Rennes, and Jean-Christophe Bureau, Director of Notre Europe's CAP 2013 project, Professor and researcher at AgroParisTech, France - Presentation PDF [127 KB] - Background paper PDF [135 KB]

Greening the CAP: improving delivery of environmental benefits
Guy Garrod, University of Newcastle, United Kingdom - Presentation PDF [85 KB] - Background paper PDF [146 KB]

Opening of discussion Jorgen E. Olesen, University of Aarhus, Department of Agroecology and Environment, Denmark - Presentation PDF [6 MB]

Session 3: The changing competitiveness of rural areas: advantages and disadvantages of a stand-alone rural policy

Helping U.S. rural regions to compete. The lessons for rural policy
Mark Drabenstott, Director, Center for Regional Competitiveness, Rural Policy Research Institute, University of Missouri, United States -

Rural development for competitiveness Mario Pezzini, Director territorial policies, OECD, Paris, France - Presentation PDF [2,3 MB]

Session 4: The EU as global player: what implications for the CAP?

EU agricultural policy from a long run perpective: implications from the evolution of the global context
Giovanni Anania, Professor, University of Calabria, Italy - Presentation PDF [121 KB] – Background paper PDF [121 KB]

Agro-food trade and policy issues in the Mediterranean region. Implications for the future of the CAP …and other European Policies
Michel Petit, Professor, Institut Agronomique Méditerranéen, Montpellier, France – Presentation PDF [46 KB] – Background paper PDF [94 KB]

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