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The European Commission welcomes Morocco’s ratification of a Fisheries Protocol which is set to open the door for European vessels to go back fishing in Moroccan waters after a pause of more than two years. The European Union and Morocco had concluded the 4-year fisheries deal in December 2013, however its entry into force was pending ratification by Morocco.
The EU and Mozambique met in Maputo, Mozambique, on 9-11 July 2014, to launch negotiations on the renewal of the Protocol to the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement due to expire on 31 January 2015. The negotiations were conducted in an open and frank atmosphere with progress made on identifying the areas where there was agreement and those where further work is required.

Call for tenders MARE/2011/16

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Studies for carrying out the Common Fisheries Policy

Lot 1 - Hydrography and Jack Mackerel stock in the South Pacific

Lot 2 - Adverse fisheries impacts on cetacean populations in the Black Sea


Published in Official Journal S 243-393234 of 17/12/2011

Deadline for submission of bids: 20/02/2012

Invitation to tender

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Annex 1: Tendering specifications

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Appendix: Evaluation grid - Lot 1

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Appendix: Evaluation grid - Lot 2

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Annex 2a: Draft service contract - Lot 1

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Annex 2b: Draft service contract - Lot 2

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Annex 3: Tender forms

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Annex 4: Declaration of honour

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Annex 5: Questionnaire and checklist

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If additional information has to be distributed before the final date of submission of bids, it will be available on this web page.